Write the beginnings of your writing task here. Don't write what the task was, but you can guess at the others.

1) Are you already a proud owner of the new i-phone? I am impressed by what the latest generation of mobile phones enables people to do. ( article )

2) When have you last been frightened by reading a thriller? I've just finished reading Elizabeth Kostova's novel "The Historian" and it offered several chilling moments around the story of Dracula. (book review )

3) I am writing on behalf of Steve Moss, who is applying for the post of tourist guide at your company. (reference letter)

4) The world is not the same it used to be. A lot of things have changed and therefore young people today/nowadays have to deal with different issues than former/previous generations. ( essay )

5) Have you ever been in a crowded bus at rush hour, exhausted from your working day, and you hear mobile phones ringing and beeping all the time? (article )

6) This report covers the book XY and aims to provide decisive arguments about / as to whether it could be taken or not to be studied with a language class. When I first started reading the book I absolutely could not imagine it to become a fascinating story. Not only did the scene seem to be boring because of the ordinary monotonous landscape, but also the figures were described as characters far from excitement. But after a few pages and a closer look, it turned out to be a compulsive read. When the young farmer started his odysee through the whole continent shortly after having killed his fiancée,... (book review )

7) Most of the recently sold houses in US are seriously underestimated in price, according to L.B. . He furthermore complains about a huge decline in prices for several goods due to the economic recession. "Where is this leading to?" Not only L.B. is asking this, but people all over the continent. ... (Not only L.B., but people all over the continent are asking, "Where is this leading to?") (article )

8) I am writing on behalf of the International Music Festival coordination committee. (formal letter )

9) One chase is followed by the next. (book review )

10) Switzerland, a country which has more to offer than only milk chocolate and cheese. (heading- not a sentence) ( contribution)