Your achievements

There have been many great achievements in the world, and each person has their own personal achievements. My latest achievement has been setting up this wiki, which is still new to me.

What have been your latest achievements? You can write about them below, reflect on them quietly, post a picture (see the image icon with the tree above), or even talk about it!

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Other great achievements

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So think back to the last century. What were the greatest achievement of the 20th century in your opinion?

write your ideas here!
The cableless telephone, freeing all mothers to hide away in the bathroom to talk in peace and quiet

The world wide web/computer

images.jpgIt's amazing how you can communicate with other people all over the world nowadays. Distance is nothing. I'm impressed by the speed of the development and the changes of computer and other multimedia electonic. Above all, it's great to be a witness of this progress!
The first computers of the world were as big as a whole room and today you can even put it in your bag! Everything in electronic has to become smaller, more efficient and more powerful as you can see in notebooks, mobile phones or iPods. Remember the walkman? Nobody would wear a walkman on the street, it's totally out of fashion. But as I got one when I was a child I was very proud of it! And nowadays, you can't even buy music cassettes in shops.

Each person will have different ideas, but here is what one group says are the 20 greatest engineering achievements of the past century. Before you look, can you guess what they might be? By the way, if you google 'achievements' you'll find many more.

And finally, here is one with quotes related to achievements. Just click on the icon.

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And now the question of the day: What word(s) seem to collocate (go together) most often with 'achievement'?