Writing Competition

Who can write the best description? Who can find out the most characters? Those are the aims for this competition!
1- Write about a character from the Pelican Brief (use the space under the line if it is a character from another story and tell us which story). DON'T tell us who it is!
Turn adjectives into nouns or even verbs to make the text more lively and the language more complex.

2-Read the descriptions and under the description write down the name of the person you think it is. If someone already wrote the name, add a cross next to the name. Do this by Monday.

3-On Tuesday go back to the wiki and check the answers to your description. Let us know who it is.

Good luck!

The Pelican Brief

The Pelican Brief : character description by Yvonne
My description is about a man around his forties who lives self-indulgence out in a distinctive way. His fame and handsome appearance permits him many possibilities to enjoy his tendency to pretty women without serious dutties. He likes perfection in his life and also in his choice of women. His apprehension of losing his reputation for the way he gets and treats women, makes him at the beginning hiding his first true love behind ridiculous words, but later he puts his insecurity down and relishes for a short time the new feeling of love and happyness.
Without any doubts, he is equiped with a rich level of intelligence, which he doesn’t only need in is job. It seems to me, that he always must had highly setted amibitions, because he has already reached a lot in his life. His smartness makes it easy for him to get what he wants still now. So he is astonished and admired in his job and also in his privacy.
(Can you already figure it out? Think who it might be before you read any further! :-) -Illya )

In times of anxiety he doesn’t fear danger. He instead belives in his convictions and therefore he battles for it. But unfortunately, he had been killed after a short time of being in danger. Might be that happened because of his underestimation of the really dangerous situation he had been acting in. I regret to say that ‘The Pelican Brief’ lost a really interesting character in a early stage.

Wanted! by Stefanie
Being a workaholic is not always as good as it seems to be nowadays. However, there are several people whose perfection of bravery has made them hunted.
Have you ever heard of a woman whose self-assurance made her a target for killers? Surely you think, why hunt a 24 year-old third-year student at Tulan University? Because of her knowledge and bravery to fight against the cruelty of a person who lives in the White House.
Let me tell you something about this self-confident and brilliant woman, whose cleverness helped her to stay alive. Firstly, the womanizing Callahan, who is her professor of the University, had to die because of his knowledge of the brief, which his girlfriend had written. By sharing her brief with the theory how the two justices were murdered made the unbeatable killer and employer nervous and unsure. Although they hunted her and tried to assault her, Darby’s deliberateness of act made it impossible to kill her. Nevertheless, everyone who was in contact with her was had to be put away. Instead of giving the brief immediately to the press, she did well to stay on the run with various bad and good guys behind her.
To sum up, trust nobody, except yourself. Fighting for justice is not always welcome to everybody, especially when you uncover a bad deal and bring some dishonest people into prison. But fight for what you believe in and never give up even if you put one’s life on the line.

The heroes (by Gabi)
This woman is very smart, pretty and assertive! She is resilient, creative and decisive. She is very gregarious and it was very hard for her that she couln't trust in anybody. She works very efficiently, out came she with the pelican brief after 4 days.

This man is very ambitious and the way he deals with his "sources" is at the edge of legality. Once, his easygoing acting almost cost his life but then he learnt by that experience and was more cautious.

4 by Jasmin
With her brilliant red hair, her long attractive legs and the way she walks, there is hardly a man who is able to resist Darby Shaw, the hero of the novel “the pelican brief”. Even professional and cold-blooded killers waste a moment to feel sorry for this beautiful law student before they hunt her with the intention to kill.
Not only Darby’s physical appearance impresses people she meets, her strong will, endurance and clear-minded spirit helps her to be respected and admirable.
A hard and eventful past obliged the 24-year old girl to find a way how she can assimilate painful experiences and take it to her advantage.
It seems not to be (by) chance that she decided to study law and meet the law professor Thomas Callahan, an easy-going, light-hearted man, who changes his girls like his underwear, and doesn’t care about his high alcohol consumption until Darby comes into his life. He is absolutely fascinated by this tough, gorgeous girl and accepts the conditions she makes for their affaire.
Then two Supreme Court judges are murdered and Darby starts to do some research work of her own to find a possible reason for these two professionally carried out killings. For several days she totally forgets the world around her, neglects her affaire and even her studies. Darby buries herself in books, briefs and documents until her “pelican brief”, of which she is not really proud, is finished and first read by Thomas.
That is the beginning of Darby’s tragic change of life when she realizes that her “pelican brief” produces a very violent and dangerous effect for her life, the ones she loves and the ones who try to protect her.

Other stories


Before he became a religious leader he was a catholic monk. His biography is shown in both – movie and book – revealing a touching portrait of a young man, asking the big questions about identity and belonging – seeking the sense of life. His questioning, heretical character becomes a major problem for the Pope and his councillors: A man who gives rise to criticisme and provoques a revolution among the church.

The story takes place in an epoque in which spirituals rule Central Europe and charge people with indulgences and misleading doctrines. The instituion’s objective is wealth and power – a huge burden to people whose majority is illiterate.

The young revolutionary is adept at writing – and master of rhetorical skills – no wonder that his new ideas of a gracious loving God, who came to earth to preach the reconciling Gospel, bring division to the church. He is the one who laid the foundation of written German and translated the Bible from Latin to his mother tongue. Sadly, his burning ambition to refresh and reform the powerful institution of the Middle Age were not only a welcome change to people but also misunderstood by farmers who seethed with rage against the spiritual leaders. Finally, the turmoils turned to a serious war which affected mostly uneducated people – many of them lost their lives tragically.

Which person is described above? Please write your answer:

Susan Scheidegger