Reports generally use quite formal language, although this largely depends on the the reader. At the least it should be in a neutral register.

Here are two good models of reports. Can you underline words and phrases that could be useful for other reports?

Report on Proposals for Institute Canteen

The aim of this report is to compare three proposals for improvements of the food facilities at the Language Institute Canteen and to suggest one proposal as a solution to the food problem.
The first suggestion of the Kavanagh Catering Services might be interesting regarding the financial aspect and the friendly service and its availability. Based on the information given, it is not clear whether the food quality is sufficient.

Conversely, Rainbow Ltd offers a wide choice of healthy food. Opening hours are quite limited, however, in comparison with the other proposals, and especially hot meals are only available for two hours. Moreover, prices are not mentioned.

By contrast, Xanadu Express proposes a complete service during the longest opening hours. Food quality seems to be high and an international kitchen promises a wide range of different menus. In contrast to the first proposal, prices are not part of the offer. They might be rather high. I would strongly recommend checking the prices of the third offer. Provided they are affordable for students, I would have no hesitation in recommending Xanadu Express to furnish our college canteen with its products. According to the offer, they should meet all the points mentioned by the students.

In case the prices of the Xanadu Express are too expensive for a college, I would advise you to choose the Kavanagh Catering Services because they presented a cheap offer and their opening hours are more expanded than the ones of the Rainbow Ltd.

253 words
Although this report doesn't make use of headings, it is well-structured and the ideas are clearly presented. Look at the way ideas are linked. THere is also very good use of phrases, which I encourage you to take over and change to fit whatever the topic is you're writing about. (Thank you Brigitta!)


The aim of this report is to point out the positive and negative aspects of two different forms of advertising, namely fliers and commercials. Furthermore, it outlines a few examples regarding the effectiveness of these methods and suggests recommendations.

Each event has got its own flyer regardless of its dimension. These flyers are available at any public location such as railway stations, shops or restaurants. People at these places often have to wait. Therefore, they bridge this waste of time in viewing these fliers.
Moreover, the audience of these events can be chosen depending on the place where the fliers are available. However, they only find out about these events if they go to the right locations. For instance, fliers for a reading of a famous author would be better placed in a library than in a laundry.

Commercials always interrupt the films on television in the most thrilling episodes. This gives spectators the opportunity to fetch something to drink or go to the toilet. Most of them, though, just stay in their armchairs and watch the commercials. So, the advertisers can control the target group depending on the film.

To minimise the waste of paper and money for fliers I would recommend thinking more carefully about the target group of the advertisement. Putting the fliers on the windscreen of parked cars leads to pollution because most of the drivers throw them on the ground. Furthermore, television would become more attractive if a film was not interrupted more than once.

258 words

As you can see, this one uses headings, which helps not only the reader follow your thoughts, but also you to keep them organized.