Word forms

Below I have added words that have been confused in their form. If one person does this, then it's likely that others will also confuse this word with another one.
Write the form (adjective, noun, verb, adverb) next to the word and write or find a good sentence to illustrate how it is used. You might also want to use a concordancer for this.
Then you can look for other words stemming from this word and do the same thing. Working together, I'm sure we can put together an impressive list!

I've put the words below and there is a table as well at the bottom. Which do you prefer? If you click on the table, you will see the table sign next to it. here you can change the format of the table and add rows or columns as necessary.









dead (adj)
There was a dead body in the garden.
death (n)
I can't come to your wedding. There has been a death in the family and the funeral is on that day.
imagination (n)
having or showing new and exciting ideas: You have to be imaginative to be able to write good stories.
I have an imagination about his new plan.-This doesn't really work. You would say 'I have an idea of his new plan/what he is planning. But: He uses his imagination when creating new plans. Children have a very vivid/lively imagination. Is it just my imagination, or are we falling into an international financial crisis?
existing only in the imagination / unreal
live (v.)
He lives a useful life.
live (adj.)
We found a live shell.
love (n.)
She felt love for him. She was in love with him.
love (v.)
loving (adj.)
I love going to the theatre. I love to go to the theatre.
She is his loving little girl.
communicate (v.)
communication (n)
Can you communicate with her? She speaks Hindu.
She is still very bad at communicating with others.
Her communication skills are excellent.
crime (n.)
There were fewer crimes in your town this year than last year. There was less crime in the city this year.
He committed a crime.
impulse (n.)
They gave new impulse to the economy.
impulsive (adj.)
She is a very impulsive person.
progress (n.)
progressive (adj.)
Progress is being made in equal rights for women.
Even for his age he is a very progressive man.