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My home
Once I heard the sentence:my home is my castle. Living in a warm and cosy apartment is an indication of a good-quality life.
Not surprisingly, I'm dreaming about some changes.
For twenty years, I've been living with my family in an ideal and conveniently situated flat in the heart of Sörenberg.
Unfortunately, three balconies are cramped and clutterd with rubbish and unnecessary things. So, what I wish for the next summer is a bright and airy place decorated with plants and flowers. On the balcony, I would like to relax and enjoy the magnificient view of the mountains.
Our apartment has got enough rooms for a large family. Because the habits of our family members have changed over the years, I consider changing the bedrooms into little well-furnished studios. Moreover, the children need some privacy for themselves in their own room.
Due to the fact that two bathrooms are dark and dingy, we mull over how we could refurbish them into light and cheerful rooms.
The last but not the least, I couldn't possibly imagine taking up the challenge of doing all the improvements, but perhaps I could get some financial help from somewhere. someone
Dreams can come true everyday, anywhere.

Great job! I tried to make some (3) corrections using the colors. On my screen I don't see anything until I doubleclick on the spaces. Can you see the words? This is actually a great idea. If you don't see them, what word would you put there? doubleclick and see if you're right.

Is it not: "For 20 years I've been living with my family.... "(Annelise)

Yes, Annelise! Well done :-)

Having grown up in the countryside, Charlie wanted to go back there to spend his retirement. One day, while looking through a newspaper, he saw a cottage for sale in a picturesque rural area. Situated in a small village near the church next to a conservatory and a large garden containing fruit trees; it seemed perfect! Not being known for his decisiveness, Charlie surprised everyone by putting down a deposit on it the very next day. (Having seen) it once, he immediately made up his mind to buy it.
However, when he moved into the cottage, Charlie soon realized it was not the peaceful rural idyll he had expected. The church bells chimed every hour on the hour keeping him awake at night. Also, because the village was in an area of outstanding beauty, coachloads of tourists arrived every weekend disturbing peace and quiet. Worst of all, the locals objected to the presence of outsiders in the village, being very unfriendly towards him. After having lived there for six months, Charlie decided to move back to the city.

Much better! This is exactly the kind of connecting and linking that is expected in the CAE. There are only 2 things I'd change (in italics in the brackets). Can anyone make the changes?