This is preparation for a lesson on health:

Answer the following questions:
What is worse to have, a wound or a bruise?
It depends on the size of the wound, but usually a bruise is less bad. (ok)
A bruise hurts under the skin, but with a wound you have broken skin.

What is the difference between to be injured and to be hurt?
To be injured means to being physically damaged by sth., to be hurt refers to a psychological pain caused by so. or sth. (sancho)(ok)

Does a wound cause a scar or a scar cause a wound?
A wound causes a scar. The scar is what usually is left after a wound's healing. (sancho)(ok)

How bad is a fatal illness or accident?
If it is the same as a terminal illness, it won't become good anymore. (sancho)(ok)

What symptoms do you have if you have influenza?
Usually you have a fever, a head cold and cough, accompanied by hurting extremities. (sancho)(ok)

What dose or dosis of painkillers would you take to relieve a headache?
I (even more than-delete) I hardly ever use painkillers to relieve a headache, because I hardly ever have one. And (shall--delete) should I have one nevertheless, I'm too proud to ever use a painkiller, a real man suffers without any drugs and keeps silent ;-) (sancho) (ok :-D)

What diseases do you know of that don't have a cure yet?
cancer / "zystische Fibrose", also called mukoviszidose, a desease which is hereditary
Alzheimer's disease

Okay, now for the metaphoric section.

What makes you sick?
noise of machines
I'm regularly sick (and tired), when I cycle in the early morning in winter time, when fresh snow on the not cold enough street is melting into sludge and cars full of dumb drivers pass by and all the sludge splashes from their wheels all over my trousers. I hate this! (sancho)(me too!)

Have you ever been wounded by words?
That's a very interesting question which (to consider-delete) can be an excellent issue for an other time. (sancho)

Has anything scarred you emotionally?
Not seldom it's me who's scarring myself. ( :-) )

How can fever be used metaphorically? (hint: Think of the song - You give me fever )
"Someone has cabin fever" means someone is overburdened, stressed because of being too much occupied by other people or the closeness to them. (sancho)

What is the biggest headache for you?
... is to live and never to know whether there's actually a reason of all exitence.(existence)

Symptoms and cures - can you find a way to use them metaphorically for current news?
Putting billions of US dollars in the ruined US car industry won't cure the symptoms of a decade- long failure in development and investment. (sancho)

Watch the following video. Be aware that it is highly propogandic, though you may agree with much or nearly none of what is stated.
However, it supplies a wealth of language related to health, using statistics, and quite a few metaphors.
Can you find them? List the ones you find underneath the video.

You can also add any similies you read.

turn a blind eye to the truth
to be no longer about health
for-profit disease industry
vitally ... aspects
flawed system

greets Sancho
Hello, Sancho :-)

sloppy handwriting is the cause of 7,000 patient deaths
surgical procedures are performed adverse drug reactions
side effects
how stress lawers the immune system
These medical errors and deaths equate to 6 jumbo jets falling out of the sky each and every day.

Gabi Kuhn