Weather talkDSCF0164_Minnesota.JPG

Weather talk is a necessity , a kind of small talk. It's also used for all sorts

of idioms. The idiom: 'It's raining cats and dogs' is just one of the many.

This particular one is used very seldom, but there are many references

and bits of it used , so it's still important to know the idiom, even if it's

no longer used much as a whole. Can you find weather idioms and write

their definitions? Can you find less common weather words and say what

they mean? ESL Podcast script Here is a podcast to listen to about the

weather and a lot of weather words. It matches the picture. The picture was

taken in Minnesota and the podcasts also talks about the winter in Minnesota.

Which words do you find interesting?

pouring rain
I froze my buns off
fender bender

Here's another site for you to look at. It is a bit more about the weather - weather forcasts and their strange terminology as well as definitions, and it's also about Minnesota (and a hot country). So what do you think is the main topic people talk about in the streets in Minnesota?

the weather, and if it will be a white Christmas -I don't know if they will talk about a white Christmas. From what I know, it's always white around Christmas time. Maybe about how long the roads will be full of snow?

One more question and a chocolate heart for the person who can answer it: How many seasons are there in Minnesota, and for extra bonus points, what are they?

Here is my last edition to this page, then the rest is for you to fill! Here is a radio broadcast from this summer in London. The woman is talking about the heatwave they (and we) had . It's quite fast, but listen for the general idea (also known as the gist). There is also a lot of repetition, as usual in natural speech, so listen for these as well, and you can listen as many times as you want!

Listen for the 3 places that they are talking about (London doesn't count!)
What specific problems are there for each place?
What advice do they give?
How does the advice in the different places differ?